Eggs – The Choice of Sports Champions!

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Eggs – The Choice of Sports Champions!Can a sportsperson depend on any sport equipment more than his or her body? Perhaps not! For sportspersons, their body is the most reliable tool, which needs proper nourishment and care. Intake of nutritious food is imperative for maximizing your potential as you undergo intensive physical training.
The physically demanding lifestyles of sportspersons can lead to indulgence in quick bites or junk items, which leads to a negative impact on your health. What if you could enjoy a quick meal that is energizing, appetizing and simple to prepare? It is time to choose eggs for a healthier life…

Why Eat Eggs?

Eggs come with a host of benefits for your health. Want to know how eggs can benefit sportspersons? Here’s a lowdown on some of their nutritional benefits:
 1.Protein – The importance of proteins in the life of sportspersons can never be underestimated. Proteins help in repairing and building muscle that is often broken down during exercises. Additionally, proteins help sportspersons optimize carbohydrate storage in the form of glycogen that comes handy when your diet lacks carbohydrates. Eggs are often referred as the gold standard for proteins, which is why you need to make eggs a regular part of your everyday diet.
 2.Carotenoids – Eggs are excellent sources of two essential carotenoids – lutein and zeaxanthin. These carotenoids not only aid with enhancing eye health, but also fight diseases. Eye health is of great importance in sports, which is why these two nutrients are a must for any sportsperson. These two nutrients are good for eye health as they help in:
·         Slowing down progression of age-related macular degeneration
·         Improving macular pigment optimal density
Lutein serves as an antioxidant that protects your macula from oxidation. These nutrients can help you improve vision quality, visual performance and contrast sensitivity
 3.Vitamins – Eggs are indeed one of the healthiest food options for athletes. In addition to taking care of your energy requirements, eggs help you enhance your overall health by supplying you with a healthy dose of vitamins. Eggs are rich in Vitamin D, E and K, in addition to being good sources of fat-soluble and water soluble vitamins
 4.Iron – Intensive workouts often deplete iron from your body, leading to problems in maintaining a steady heart rate during vigorous exercises. Eggs are good sources of iron, which is why they help in supplying your body with adequate iron.
 5.Carbohydrates – Eggs are a good choice for consumption of essential carbohydrates, which is important to provide your body with energy. Consumption of carbohydrates in eggs helps in keeping your sugar levels steady.
 Have them boiled, scrambled, poached or devilled – eggs will always taste delicious! Starting your day with eggs for breakfast can be satisfying and help you feel fuller for a longer time. You can derive the best nutrients from these delicious nuggets of good health. Choose eggs for a healthier lifestyle that helps in fueling your body with energy and nutrients, which are essential for your overall well-being.
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