Stay healthy, stay smart, eat a balanced diet rich in brain foods

Stay healthy, stay smart, eat a balanced diet rich in brain foods
Your brain needs certain essential nutrients to perform at an optimum level, particularly with regard to neurotransmitter-precursors, electrolytes (i.e. salts) and fuel (primarily glucose). By eating a healthy, balanced diet that’s rich in chicken, eggs, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fish and carbohydrates, you can maintain healthy brain function without having to buy expensive dietary supplements (some of which work, but many of which don't).

Eggs are phenomenally inexpensive and incredible source of high-quality nutrients. Eggs being rich of choline* are used to produce neurotransmitters. The egg is qualified as the wonderful brain food and it provides a tremendous amount of choline that can improve your memory and cognitive response system. Numerous studies have even linked dietary intake of choline with higher IQ results. Additionally, the omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients like folate, pantothenic acid and zinc are also important for your brain functions. Eating the yolk can reduce your stress level and prevent neurological disorders like depression, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

Health benefits of egg proteins also include production and smooth functioning of enzymes and hormones and provide cellular and muscular health. Protein also facilitates molecular transportation, cell repair and regeneration and provides mechanical and structural support to the bones and skin.

Consumption of adequate protein ensures strong immune defence, efficient signalling of nerves and impulses, healthy hair and maintenance of fluid balance in the body. Protein can also turn into an energy provider as and when required by the body.

Insufficiency of protein in the body affects all organs and overall growth and development. It is always advisable to choose a balanced diet with adequate amount of proteins along with other nutrients to ensure a healthy body and revitalized mind.

*Choline is one of the newest nutrients to be added to the list of human vitamins. It was only added to the list of required nutrients by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in 1998. While the NAS does not officially recognize choline as a vitamin specifically belonging to the B-complex family of vitamins, it is officially recognized as a required nutrient that you need in your everyday meal plan.

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