Unlock Goodness Of Eggs for Weight Loss

Unlock Goodness Of Eggs for Weight Loss
Concerned about putting on weight? Here’s the good news – eggs are excellent foods for weight loss! Eggs are power-packed with essential nutrients such as proteins, minerals and vitamins.  If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, eggs could be the answer to reclaiming your waistline and becoming fitter.
Eggs are truly one of the healthiest foods you can consume to lose weight, while supplementing your nutritional requirements. Here’s why eggs are the definitive keys to losing those extra kilos:

Reduced Calorie Intake

Losing weight is often seen as a complex problem, but the solution is not that complicated. In order to reduce weight, it is imperative to limit your daily calorie intake.
Fortunately for us, eggs are healthy foods that are low in calories – making them the perfect foods for losing weight. Here’s a general breakdown of calorie intake in eggs. These numbers are for eggs with no added ingredients. The calorie count increases if you add more ingredients to them.
Egg Size Weight (in gms) Calories
Small 38 54
Medium 44 63
Large 50 72
Extra Large 56 80
Jumbo 63 90
Apart from being low on calories, eggs are delicious and easy to prepare. You can thus enjoy the goodness of eggs without fretting about putting on more weight!

High Satiety Index

Foods that keep you satiated for a longer time, thereby reducing calorie intake, rank high on the scale of Satiety Index. It comes as no surprise that eggs rank high on satiety index, and reduce cravings for other snacks.
Including eggs in your breakfast is the best way to reduce food intake during later meals. It can also help in keeping obsessive thoughts about foods away, for the rest of your day. Making weight loss an inevitable and happy consequence. What makes it better is that this reduction of calorie intake is effortless and delicious too!

Boost your Metabolism

Wouldn’t it be amazing to lose weight on autopilot? Well, eggs are the exciting superfood that can make this happen! Eggs boost your metabolism, which in turn accelerates weight loss by burning fat.
Packed with the goodness of proteins, vitamins and minerals; eggs also have iron that kick-starts your body’s metabolism. It also contains proteins, and supplies your body with extra energy to boost your metabolism rate. It is recommended to consume eggs for breakfast as it can have a stronger impact on your metabolism while helping you reduce weight effectively.

Balance Blood Sugar Levels

Excess glucose is stored in your body as fat, so reduction of blood sugar levels accelerate breakdown of fat for your energy requirements. Consuming eggs for breakfast may also reduce your blood sugar levels for the rest of your day. For individuals struggling with diabetes, isn’t this another amazing reason to embrace the goodness of eggs? We think it definitely is!
Eggs are definitely a blessing when you’re craving for a satisfying meal that soothes your grumbling stomach. Quick to prepare and delicious, eggs are indeed the best choice to lose weight and become fitter.

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