What are Proteins

What are Proteins
Proteins are a group of biological compounds which are present in every live cell, organ and tissue of the body. It is there in the form of enzymes, antibodies, hormones and much more.

Meaning ‘first’ or ‘of prime importance’ in Greek, proteins participate in every cellular process occurring in the body. Proteins are responsible for the formation, regulation, repair and protection of the body of each organism.

It executes a range of functions within living beings including catalysis of enzymes, DNA replication communication and coordination within the cells, molecular transportation from one location to another.
Other than water, proteins are the most abundant type of chemical in the human body. Proteins play many vital roles in the human body, including providing structure and strength to cells and tissues, controlling biochemical reactions and aiding the immune system. Metabolism is regulated by proteins, as are hormones and the various activities they control. Proteins also regulate cell division, which acts to replenish aged or damaged cells to ensure a constant supply of healthy cells.

Proteins are the main components of many structures in the body. They are part of the outer membrane of all cells in the human body. Proteins are also abundant in hair, skin, muscles and most other organs and tissues. Proteins often act to strengthen these structures. Proteins working together can allow movement within the body, such as contraction of muscles and movement of food through the digestive system.

Proteins regulate cell division, an important process for replenishing aged or damaged cells. Over time, cells can become damaged from exposure to the sun or other harmful substances in the environment. These cells undergo a natural process of cell death and need to be replaced. This is accomplished by division of healthy cells into two copies, which is regulated by proteins called growth factors. Failure of proteins to properly regulate the division process can cause tumor growth and cancer.

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