What Eggs-actly do you need for Bodybuilding?

What Eggs-actly do you need for Bodybuilding?
Body-building can boost your overall health and reduce the likelihood of anxiety or stress by increasing blood flow and stimulating release of feel-good chemicals. Body building exercises can help you remain healthy and strong, but the thought of limiting yourself to bland foods to keep the weight off, is daunting for many and turns them off bodybuilding… This will definitely not be the case if you’re an egg-lover.
Eggs are best superfoods for body-builders as they are power-packed with essential nutrients, which support quick muscle recovery and muscle growth. Read along to know about some of the amazing benefits of eggs that make them a bodybuilding staple:

1.Eggs-actly what you need for Satiation

As someone who wants to muscle up, you may need to indulge in heavy workouts that take a toll on your energy levels. Also, it is important to abstain from wasteful calories and eliminate short-term distractions. You can avoid these distractions and remain full for a longer period, with regular consumption of eggs.
Research and studies have shown that eggs help induce greater satiety, which result in reduced short-term food intake. Eggs are loaded with the highest quality protein and key nutrients that can help you kick-start your day with deliciousness and health.

2.Protein Absorption with Eggs

Eggs are a go-to source of proteins, which is a staple for body-building. As a powerhouse of proteins, eggs supply your body with all proteins you need to grow and thrive. The egg protein quality is so high that the World Health Organization (WHO) uses it as a reference standard against which other foods containing proteins are judged.
Eggs contain all the vital amino acids that help in building and maintaining your muscles. They contain proteins that help in healing and re-growth of your muscle tissue – which is essential for all bodybuilders.

3.Steer Clear of Body Fat

Imagine indulging in a delicious meal of eggs that provides you with all essential nutrition sans any fatty components… Does it sound too good to be true? Well it is the truth! Eggs contain a component named conjugated linoleic acid that helps in regulating glucose to decrease the percentage of fat. You can hence, lose loads of weight by simply gorging on this delectable food item.

4.Boost Immunity with Eggs

While sweating it out at the gym, you may not get enough time under the sun – which deprives you of Vitamin D. This could result in several deficiencies, which is why you need to boost your immunity with eggs as they’re also a great source of Vitamin D.
Bid adieu to your concerns about health implications or deficiencies and simply indulge in this amazing superfood that revitalizes you to a great extent.

5.Additional Benefits of Eggs

Eggs are a good source of choline that has a major role in lipid metabolism that enhances neurotransmitter production. All the fat and cholesterol in eggs could help you with muscle gain and strength training – an essential aspect of body-building!
Isn’t it unbelievable how much goodness is packed into a small egg? A regular intake of eggs with your regular exercise regime ensures your dream body is just inches away… Why not embrace the goodness of eggs in your daily diet and bring your dreams for a perfect body to fruition!

Start today, and enjoy the amazing health benefits of this power-packed superfood.  

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